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Rotary Disc Mower (RU)
Rotary Disc Mower (RU)
Rotary Disc Mower (RU)
Rotary Disc Mower (RU)
> It is the most appropriate machine used to cut feed plants growing aslope such as common vetch, white clover, bird-foot deervetch and any meadow, pasturage and weeds by the impact of air flow occurring by turning of discs.

> It has safety mechanism in order to prevent the damages to occur during hitting hard and large objects (tree, stone etc.).

> It is made appropriate to slope through a hydraulic piston in sloping land.

> The grasses cut are provided to be collected at desired width by a router inserted behind the machine.

> It spreads the grasses cut by high cutting quality as uniform stalk is left. By this means, high speed drying is performed by protecting plant nutrition values.

> It provides performing quite low and quality cutting in graded field.
МодельA-RDM 04A-RDM 05A-RDM 06
Количество дисков (шт.)456
Рабочая ширина (mm)162620062386
Общая ширина в транспортировочном состоянии (mm)126012601260
Общая Высота (mm)239027703150
Number of Blades (pieces)81012
Optimal Working Speed5-65-65-6
Capacity (da/h)6,5-88-1010-12
P.T.O. Shaft Rotations (max) (min-1)540540540
Вес (kg)445465475
Требования к мощности (Л.С.)405060