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Inter Row Rotary Cultivator (TR)
Inter Row Rotary Cultivator (TR)
Inter-row hoeing machine with miller cutter is an ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY machine that destroys the weeds existing between the rows of the plants such as (corn, beet, sunflower, cotton, potato, tomato, pepper etc.) that are planted on the rows without damaging the plants and thus ensures that the plants get the adequate nutrients and water from the soil.
İş Derinliği (mm)100100100
Toplam Genişlik (mm)203020302530
Toplam Uzunluk (mm)120012001200
Toplam Yükseklik (mm)110011001100
P.T.O. Shaft Rotations (max) (min-1)540540540
Ağırlık (kg)370435520
Güç (HP)253040