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Flail Mower (TR)
Flail Mower (TR)
Flail Mower (TR)
> It has durable knives operating by rotating vertically to soil surface and connected as jointed on mangles.

> It has the features of protecting cutting height, knife endurance and balance sensitivity even if the soil surface is rough by means of its adjacent sledges and mangle behind.
> It provides recycling as organic fertilizer by disintegrating scapes such as wheat, sunflower, cotton, corn, rice, tobacco and bushes, trimmed fruit tree branches and vine shoots.

> The machine has Hydraulic model providing slide by allowing control through tractor hydraulic arms of the machine on the purpose of providing usage easiness in orchards and vineyards.
MODELA-FM 1400A-FM 1600A-FM 1850A-FM 2100A-FM 2400A-FM 2600A-FMH 1600A-FMH 1850A-FMH 2100A-FMH 2400
Number of Blades (pieces)16182022242618202224
İş Genişliği (mm)1400160018502100240026001600185021002400
Toplam Genişlik (mm)1528178220402290254227961782204022902542
Toplam Uzunluk (mm)1275127512751275127512751275127512751275
Toplam Yükseklik (mm)900900900900900900900900900900
P.T.O. Shaft Rotations (max) (min-1)540540540540540540540540540540
Ağırlık (kg)510540640700760800580680740800
Güç (HP)35-4040-4545-5050-5555-657040-4540-5050-5555-65