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Mini Rotary Tiller (TR)
Mini Rotary Tiller (TR)
Mini Rotary Tiller (TR)
> It is the most appropriate machine generally in terms of creating seedling planting bed and preparing seed bed in small scale orchards and fields.

> It cultivates the soil by approaching to tree base and grapevine bodies, hence it decreases hoe workmanship.

> It crumbles, mixes and puffs up the soil very well. By this means, it provides mixture of organic substances into the soil.

> It mechanically wipes off the weeds and it causes no need for chemical struggle. It provides ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY solutions to you and your soil.

> It is the most ideal tillage machine for low-energy, low type field, vineyard and garden tractors. 

> It takes its movements from tractor power take-off. Three points hanger order is easily connected to the tractor. 

> There are three different model options as fixed transmission box, mechanical shift and hydraulic shift.
MODELA-MRT 800A-MRT 1000A-MRT 1200A-MRT 1400A-MRT 1600A-MRT 1800
İş Genişliği (mm)80010001200140016001800
İş Derinliği (mm)150150150150150150
Toplam Genişlik (mm)101012101410161018102010
Toplam Yükseklik (cm)90090090090010001000
Number of Flanges (pieces)456789
Number of Blades (pieces)243036424854
Machine Weight (kg)210230245260315345
Machine Weight (kg)  330345400430
P.T.O. Shaft Rotations (max) (min-1)540540540540540540
Güç (HP)1515-2020-2525-3030-3535-40