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Trailed Boom Sprayer (RU)
> 1600 L., 2000 L. Fiberglass Tank (Main and hand washing tank)

> Pump: Italian AR 1203 (120 L. flow/min., 4 pistons, 50 bar) BHA 150, (150 L. flow/min., 3 pistons, 50 bar)

> Optionally Italian UCM 6 Command System or Digital Command System

> Boom Working System Width: Optionally 16m., 18 m., 21 m., 24 m.

> Booms height can be adjusted by Hydraulic System. Hydraulic System can be controlled by optionally Mechanical Command System or Digital Command System.

> Nozzles: Optionally Brass Nozzle, T-Jet Nozzle or Quadrifit (Four Way) Nozzles

> Shock Absorber Balance System on Boom

> Hydraulic Agitator System

> Suction Hose System

> Wide Angle Shaft

> Tire/Wheel Size: 230-95/R36

Shock Absorber Balance System

Brass Nozzle

Quadrifit Nozzle



Hydraulic Agitator

PTO Shaft

Ucm 6

Suction Hose

> Water Control System Electric (Standart Model)

> Water Control System Electric (Bravo 180S)

> Chemical drug Mixing Tank (Mixer)