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Seed Drill Single Disc (FR)
Seed Drill Single Disc (FR)
Seed Drill Single Disc (FR)
The universal seed drill is a planting machine of hydraulically suspended type which is capable of planting by attaching to a tractor by a three-point suspension mechanism.

Single discs machines have a seed-directing system as standard. Thus the seed falls to the back of the coulter, into the drill from a very short distance. 

The variable-speed transmission and planting seed gears enable the seeds to be spread to the soil evenly and in desired amount. Fertilizer is spread with sheave gears, thanks to the variable-speed transmission on the machine. 

The distance between rows is 130 mm in single disc machines.

This type of machines are manufactured with 19, 21, 23, 27, 31 rows and with or without fertilizer equipment 

Optionally, the machines can be equipped with indentation systems and decare-meters.
Distance entre les rangées (mm)130130130130130
Largeur de travail (mm)24702730299035104030
Handling Width (mm)27853035328538304156
Handling Height (mm)16001600160016001600
Handling Length (mm)24802480248024802480
Seed Tank Volume (lt)330360390480510
Fertiliser Tank Volume (lt)310340370450480
Tank w/o Fertiliser Vol (lt)6407007609301000
Tire Size600/16600/16600/167.0/15.37.0/15.3
Operating Speed (km/h)5-75-75-75-75-7
Poids (kg)10401120116013201560
Puissance requise (kw)50-6060-7070-8080-9090-100
Puissance requise (HP)60+70+80+100+110+