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Finger Wheel Rake (FR)
Finger Wheel Rake (FR)
Finger Wheel Rake (FR)
ALPLER rake with rotors is an IDEAL MACHINE that facilitates the picking and the baling with the grass picking trailer or baling machine by forming the harvested feed-plants in barrels arranged at regular intervals. It has a high manoeuvrability and has little power requirements and wide range performances. It performs a high-quality picking by leaving clean stubble as it doesn’t leave any stone or similar objects in the grass that has been picked.
The number of star wheels (pieces)4510
Longueur (mm)2.1602.4005.500
Largeur (mm)3.5004.8007.800
Hauteur (mm)1.4001.4001.400
Largeur de travail (mm)3.5004.8007.900
Working Speed (ha/h)0,50,71,4
Poids (kg)185235 
Working Capacity (km/h)10-1210-128-10