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Conventional Plough
Conventional Plough
Conventional Plough
Conventional Plough
> Excellent plough-tractor balance.

> Simple and strong design for all land conditions.

> Big variety of working width choice for all tractor horse powers.
> Trash boards

> Mouldboard Extension

> Deflector

> Slatted Body

> Metal Depth Wheel

> Disc Coulters

> U-Shape Lower Connection Bar

> Shares with Reversible Points

> F, X and V Type Mouldboard
Clearence (cm)60616268686868686868
Distance Between Beams (cm)60606470747677788184
Working Width (cm)2223,524,525,527,53032,53537,540
Working Depth (cm)18202224242628283032
Weight (kg) 1108115140150157160174180215220
Weight (kg) 21401652052152212223238244280308
Weight (kg) 3198225287318326335345360417485
Weight (kg) 4310347433488505518525538603715
Weight (kg) 5375440547610627647665675770890
Weight (kg) 6435520670760770800810810830926
Power Requirement (HP) 120-2520-2520-2525-3025-3030-3530-3535-4040-4545-50
Power Requirement (HP) 220-2520-2530-4030-4030-4040-5040-5040-5050-6060-70
Power Requirement (HP) 330-4030-4045-5045-5050-5555-6055-6060-7070-8080-90
Power Requirement (HP) 435-4040-5050-6070-8070-8570-8570-8580-9080-9090-100
Power Requirement (HP) 550-6050-6060-7080-9085-9590-10090-10090-110100-110100-120
Power Requirement (HP) 660-7065-7570-8080-9090-11095-115105-120110-125125-135135-150
When placing an order, add the number of furrows to the end of model code.
Upon the needs of customers we keep the right to make changes on the product specifications.